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Wisdom flips natural thinking to begin thinking with the end in mind. Bravo. That thinking centers on the WHYs that matter to you such as cash, net revenue, days AR, patient loyalty, and staff loyalty to name a few “ends”. To get there however, we must all then go back to the beginning. Not yours, but that of the patient and their experience at the point of access. With that thinking, solutions are relevant, focused, and valuable.

Additionally solutions are more than technology. True solutions deliver results described as complete, thorough, flexible, sustainable. Solutions require the right technology complemented by proven implementation process, training, support, and advisory. And that means having the right people too.

Achieve the results you expect with your configurable PELITAS solution. Scroll on for more.


configure the right fit

Increase cash and cultivate loyalty with the 2019 Best-in-KLAS iPAS (integrated Patient Access Solution), the proven workhorse technology used by hundreds of health systems across all regions of the country. iPAS Integrates seamlessly with your EMR (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and more) and delivers visibility to insights for more informed decision-making. Your peers who use iPAS are achieving accurate encounters while also delivering on a better experience for patients and registrars. And patients are experiencing quicker, easier access with engagement in ways they prefer from things like real-time availability to information about how to pay for care, to appointment reminders via text. Want to dig into the parts of iPAS to explore what you need in more detail? Click here.

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Expect predictability and flexibility in the five stages of best practice implementation. Grounded in application from the principles of Six Sigma, your implementation is more than just integration. Understanding your EMR type and utilization, workflows, the arrangement of your teams, and your needs for insights is just the beginning. Click on the wheel to take a peek inside the stages.



make it sticky

Ensure sustainable adoption with training that’s more like coaching to get results. Your workflows are unique. Your EMR configuration is unique. Your people are unique. Your training must be unique too. Make accurate encounters possible using live onsite workshops, the PELITAS library, and post-go live support…your path to sticky.



achieve peace of mind

When it comes down to it, you want to solve a problem as quickly and painlessly as possible. You have other things to do and people to see. Technical support is an integral part of your PELITAS solution. Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. Hey, it’s a part of the PELITAS platform too. Knowledge base and a community forum…helpful resources. But if you want to solve a problem, it’s nice to know you have the option to actually reach a human. That’s at your finger tips with PELITAS. Plus, you have the option to complement your technical support needs with access to Advisory support…assistance that goes beyond technical troubleshooting. See more on that below. To reach Technical Support, click the button!


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optimize faster and better

You and your team work hard with your new tech partner to scope and implement your new technology. Then go-live happens. Users use. Leaders analyze data. Technology functions. Yet, your business, your people, your customers…they change. Workflows change. Reality always brings variables that cannot be forecasted. Nonetheless, optimization is critical in achieving the value you expect. But you don’t have to do it alone, or in a vacuum. Achieve optimization faster, better, and with sustainability using Advisory support from PELITAS. Click the button to connect with an Advisor to see what that might look like for your and your team.

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